HDL WS 5L KNX Outdoor Doppler Sensor

Resensioner av produkter som testats av knxforum.
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HDL WS 5L KNX Outdoor Doppler Sensor

Oläst inläggav ullberg » 02 jan 2018, 19:55

Spin off from test request from HDL

Part 1: First impressions

Part no: HDL-M/WS05.1-A, Link to manufacturer page

The sensor came in one of the more comprehensive packages I’ve received with a lot of protective foam, don’t know if this is an indication that the sensor is more fragile than the average device, but regardless nice to see some effort on that front.

There are two cable inlets, one for bus and one for the 2x floating contact inputs. Inlets are made of metal with rubber seals tightened with a captive nut, believe these will keep water out. The sensor as a whole has a small seal to keep water ingress out, don’t see any reason it would not do so. On the less positive side the plastic seems a bit thinner and simpler than many other manufacturers, time will tell if this is a problem.

The mounting bracket is quite simple and made of sheet metal, I personally prefer this layout to more integrated plastic brackets (e.g. ABB/B-J Busch-Watchdog) although it of course does not look as ”streamlined”. It also came with concrete expanders, not sure I feel that needed to be included, I’m always expecting to sort the fastening myself, but of course doesn’t hurt to get included.


It does not use standard (Wago) KNX connectors but rather screw terminals, for devices like this thats perfectly fine by me although I don’t quite understand why not use the de facto standard.

On the technical specifications this sensor has quite a lot to offer in addition to motion detection:
  • Lux sensor
  • Constant brightness
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • 2x dry contacts

To get e.g. dry contacts is a really good bonus imho, you never know when such are needed, one usecase I can see is to connect it to a tipping bucket water meeter to get an even more comprehensive outdoor sensor. What I’m less impressed with on the specification side is the working temperature, it is advertised as an outdoor sensor but operating temperature is only listed to -5 to 45 degrees C, not covering all conditions here in Sweden at least. I will report back as soon as I’ve had it mounted for some time to see if it can survive our wether conditions.

This was the end of the first post on this sensor. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to find the KNX database so I cannot test this device further until I’ve received an answer to the email I’ve sent to HDL. I hope to be able to get back to you soon…


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