HDL M/HSD24.1 - OmniSense

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HDL M/HSD24.1 - OmniSense

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The OmniSense (OS) is a quite small presence detector with temp and lux sensor, compared to other sensors I had available (HDL to the right) it’s on par with the EIBmarkt, and smaller than the Scheider Electric.
The plastic feels a bit ”cheap” (in comparison, the Schneider is the clear winner and EIBmarkt a bit, but not much, better than HDL) but then again, this is not something you should touch after installation so I don’t think that really matters.

It’s made for surface mounting which I appreciate, you only need to have a cable outlet for the bus cable (e.g. EIBmarks version has the bus connection protruding on the backside which is a bit annoying). With that said, it can be mounted over an ”apparatdosa” but is too small for a ”kopplingsdosa”. I have previously questioned why HDL use proprietary bus clamps, but can happily report that this sensor use the standard Wago (it believe it is) connector.
As can be seen in the picture, there is a rubber seal around the edge which feels of good quality, and you can also see the six sensors, I think that’s more than I’ve seen before and should enable increased ability to configure motion detection (e.g. only identifying in one direction)

Setup is similar to the WS 5L sensor I’ve also reviewed, i.e. quite extensive options and unfortunately not possible to send sensor values both cyclically and on change. Different from the WS 5L there is however a ”standard operations” for switching based on motion (the typical use case) so you don’t need to use the logic blocks for that - a good function!

When it comes to tailoring the sensor pickup, you either enable all sensors or go into custom mode where you can enable or disable each of the 6 individual sensors and for each set a sensitivity. You need a quite large space to test this fully, with what I have available I’ve been able to fence of some detection but it seems to be some overlap between the sensors. However - I’m quite certain that 6 is better than 4 from the perspective of being able to define perimeters for detection.

Standard operations
Essentially there are two standard functions, light control and constant lighting. for light control there are two operating modes, normal and semi-automatic, have not manage to figure out what separates the two so I’ll just go for the normal. As expected it will trigger on motion and after no motion it will send off after a timeout. In addition you can have a brightness value as threshold and also use ”brightness shutdown”. A nice feature is that it has two light channels so you can do individual control of these, and if you need more you can use the logic functions to define these.

For constant brightness (CB) it seems to be the same setup as WS 5L, which include that there are two separate functions. Not sure when you would want that, would expect that there is a significant risk that these end up in conflict and non-deterministic behavior. The CB function otherwise seems good, it can use either it’s own lux sensor or an external telegram (maybe thats a reason for two separate functions) and the same comment as for WS 5K applies that I’m not sure how to interpret the functions I can select for dimming speed.

Logic operations
Seems to be the same as WS 5L, see that post

The sensor does what is expected, having temp sensor by the ceiling is of limited use imho, it always shows a bit more than my other sensors, I could try to work out a compensation factor for the settings, but I’m generally not that interested in the temp at the ceiling. One thing I could see use of this for if it can be used as an early indicator of temp increase and could be useful to not overshoot in heating. But I need more time and statistics in order to be able to evaluate that - I also see a risk that I’m trying to be too smart and just confuse the PI/PID-regulators used for heating.

All in all I think this seems to be a nice little sensor, good options for config, 6 sensors and some ”extras” in terms of lux and temp sensor.


PS: the computer I’m running ETS on is on it’s last legs so I haven’t been able to take ETS screenshots, is that interesting / do you want that? if so I’ll try to fix

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