The term Rajput is traditionally applied to the original Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi and Agnivanshi clans, who claimed to be Kshatriya in the Hindu varna system. Local Business in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Get Detailed information about Rajput Rajpara village like History, Population, Census, Pincode, STD Code, Street Map, Satellite Map etc. // -->// --> // --> // --> // --> // --> // --> // --> // --> // --> // or. [18], The Mayi clan were the chieftains of the Narhat-Samai (Hisua) chieftaincy in modern-day Nawada district in South Bihar. We are attempting to connect Rajput people around the world. Go. Sixty percent of India 's coal imports enter via Mundra port. The first ALL VEG PIZZA-HUT was opened in Ahmedabad The villagers would line up at 3 in the morning at the milk collection centers!!! Dasharath Sharma, Agarchand Nahta, Rajsthan Puratatva Mandir, 1953, page-15, "UNHCR Refugee Review Tribunal. } It is estimated that by 2015, Gujarat 's ports will handle 39% of India 's cargo. Forgot account? [1] They converted from Hinduism to Islam during the medieval period in India, retaining their surnames such as Chauhan. The world's largest ship breaking yard is in Gujarat near Bhavnagar at Alang. } Visitors. Although the term Rajput only became common in the tenth century, a number of clans that later became known as Rajput rose to prominence in the 7th century. } Most of them were, true to their name, rulers at various levels of the po­litical hierarchy from the kingly level to the level of dominant caste in many villages. The Abbasid Caliphate then appointed Al Khafif from Samarra; 'Soomro' means 'of Samarra' in Sindhi. Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi viewed the Abbasid Caliphate to be the caliphs thus he removed the remaining influence of the Umayyad Caliphate in the region and Sindh fell to Abbasid control following the defeat of the Habbaris. The Samma tribe reached its peak during the reign of Jam Nizamuddin II (also known by the nickname Jám Nindó). His descendant was Iqbal Ali Khan who took part in the 1781 revolt in Bihar against the British however his revolt failed and Mayi's lost much of their land. Retrieved 23 May 2017. The United Provinces (being approximately present-day Uttar Prades… World History Forum. or. The city of Ahmedabad was founded by the dynasty. var cimg = 139; var cwi = 85; var che = 17; [2][3][4] Today, Muslim Rajputs can be found in present-day Northern India and eastern parts of Pakistan. provide an environment where traditions, cultures, and ideas may come together through a dynamic and engaging medium. This article does not contain any citations or references. In 2001, total population was 50,671,017 in which males were 26,385,577 while females were 24,285,440. And now Gujarat is nursing ambitions of dislodging Mumbai as India 's financial hub. The Gujarat Sultanate was an independent Muslim Rajput kingdom established in the early 15th century by the Muzaffarid dynasty in Gujarat.The Muzaffarids were descended from Hindu Tanka Rajputs with origins in Thanesar in modern-day Haryana. And massive expansion is being undertaken of the Mundra and Kandla ports.