Place remaining flour on plate. This wholesome and hearty meal is easy to prepare and cooks in only 20 minutes. For larger fish, like the one pictured above on Rainy Lake, it is important that you release them back into the lake. The "shore lunch" is just another reason Kasba is one of the most popular Canadian fishing trips. • Credit: Erin Rody. 30 Things to do in Sunset Country Before You're 30, A journey to see the Canadian wilderness one last time, Everything You Need to Know About Planning a Fishing Trip to NW Ontario, Visual reflections that show why I chose Northern Ontario as my new home base, Anglers you Should Follow who Love Sunset Country, The fly fishing film that's taking the muskie world by a storm. It’s an activity Jim has himself done many times because “you just can’t beat the taste of fresh-caught walleye or pickerel,” as Jim and most Ontario natives refer to them. Whether you are fishing on your own or with one of our experienced guides, you’ll enjoy a Canadian shore lunch — your morning’s catch prepared and cooked over an open fire. You fish cannot be any fresher, baked beans, potatoes, onions, bread, and more are at your finger tips. Sarah, Stuart and Forest on a fishing trip in August 2016. When you take that first bite it will be like you died and went to heaven. When catch-and-release isn't on the menu. Our shore lunch kit contains everything you need to enjoy your shore lunch, except the fish … After a successful morning of fishing, enjoy one of the tastiest delicacies found anywhere, fresh walleye for shore lunch. Shore Lunch Original Style Breading is an easy-to-prepare crunchy breading that brings out the best in your favorite foods. On our recent Rainy Lake Houseboat vacation we were treated to a truly Minnesota tradition of a shore lunch. Hunting. Shore Lunch Lost Lake Camp Elk Lake Ontario Canada Postcard 1960s. After spending a week of studying fisheries with a group of aspiring young fish & wildlife biologists, being taken care of by Jim at the lodge was something special. In Sunset Country, you'll find the best fishing in the world. Large walleye like these caught at Camp Narrows Lodge should be carefully released back into the water. Cool days, bright foliage, and no bugs make this the perfect time to explore. September 18, 2007. To prepare lunch, build a good-size fire under a fire grate. Apps. After enjoying freshly caught fish cooked to perfection in the great outdoors, you will never want to eat at home again! $2.19 *See offer details. Servings Per Container 52 New (7) from $27.46 + … You can certainly use a small naphtha or propane stove but the more traditional shore lunches are carried-out over an open fire. Deep-fry until golden brown, turning only once. Please see our privacy policy. Daily Shore Lunch— Our Signature Experience! Over the years, we have worked hard to create some of the best shorelunch in Canada. Please e-mail us at, join the conversation on social media using #NeOntario, or visit our Contact Us page. Feel like Royalty with an American Plan Package. In Northwestern Ontario, guided fishing packages often include a walleye shore lunch. The best fish to eat, regardless of species, are the smaller ones, generally those between 14 and 17 inches in length. The guides made the traditional deep-fried walleye, but one of the guests added his own recipe to a batch of walleye. Shore Lunch Original Recipe Fish Breading Batter Mix 9oz. How to cook fish, fried fish, baked fish, snoked fish, pickeled fish Minnesota Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappies, Sunfish Though it has been 25 years since I visited, I will never forget the experience! I guarantee you will be provided with a full stringer of fish and full belly after the tastiest shore lunch possible! Shore Lunch Enjoy the Sweet Smell of Success A trip to the Canadian outback would not be complete without a hearty and unforgettable short lunch. Experience the boreal in a whole new way. What's the first thing you'll do when you return? Latest. This may very well be your favourite part of the day. We will never spam you and will never share your e-mail. Mule Deer Can Now Be Hunted in Interior Alaska. Order a FREE Sunset Country Travel Guide and Map to plan which lakes you should enjoy a Canadian shore lunch this year. Try our delicious soup, bread and batter mixes today. My favourite shore lunch species happens to be walleye and, as you’ll soon learn, there is a Gogama-area lodge custom-made for this special activity. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at Another delicious traditional shore lunch I've been lucky enough to devour. The sights, the aroma of fresh fish and wood smoke and the haunting call of the loon. You won't believe what's available at some of these remote lodges! 5 out of 5 stars with 1 reviews. Shore lunch is a true part of the Canadian fishing experience, and in addition to fresh walleye, pike, lake trout, and black crappies can also be cooked up and eaten. ... Rainy Lake is a U.S. and Canada border lake and is mostly pretty remote and is part of Voyageurs National Park. There are literally thousands of lakes and hundreds of resorts and lodges you can choose from. (If you're reading, please post your recipe ;) ). For your next ‘short lunch adventure’, whether visiting Gogama or some other awesome northern region, give this shore lunch recipe a try from my award-winning Canadian Fishing Cookbook, published by Canada’s authority on cooking, Company’s Coming. There are subtle differences in all of them, but the basic timing and materials vary little whether you're on the French River, the Albany River or some place in between. Shore lunch is a true part of the Canadian fishing experience, and in addition to fresh walleye, pike, lake trout, and black crappies can also be cooked up and eaten. It was so good, and healthy too! When you take that first bite, it will be like you died and went to heaven. The catch limit is four fish per person, with no one fish being larger than 48 cm’s. Shore Lunch! Use slotted spoon (never a fork!) Depending on desired creature comforts and number of boats and size, you can eliminate quite a bit of that, a full blown shore lunch may be nice, but we've done just fish many times and no ones complained. Restrictions apply. If it's been a while since you've had a shore lunch, or if you've never had one before, head up to Ontario's Sunset Country and experience one for yourself. Shipped with USPS First Class. There were three guides who whipped up a delicious meal that day. Use 1 (12-ounce) can or bottle of beer when using the entire box.For pan frying:1. Shore Lunch Soup Mixes. A wild fish fry-up along the water’s edge is known as a shore lunch, and is a tradition everyone should enjoy at least once in their lives. Shore lunch is a Lake of the Woods specialty, true to each resort or guide making it especially for you. Here's what you need to know about Sunset Country (from the giant moose statues to the even bigger waterfalls). Take a picture and put them back; it is a conservation principle that has worked for years to ensure a quality shore lunch experience. This formula was passed down from one generation to the next, until it was commercialized for wider sale in the 1980’s. He also runs a large bear hunting operation in the spring under the name Watershed Bear Outfitters. At Shore Lunch, we make it easy to bring the delicious flavors of the great outdoors right into your kitchen.

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