I haven't much experience with Tecumseh engines, except my old AYP Central Park lawn tractor had a 12.5 hp Tecumseh engine on it. var days = new Array('Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday'); respective owners. Note that this procedure may always yield a very low reading if there is Not sure what the compression is for your engine but anything over 100 should be acceptable with 100 being close to the lower limit. C-120 with a apparent Tecumseh replacement engine 12 hp. LOCATING AND READING ENGINE MODEL AND SPECIFICATION ENGINE MODEL NUMBER LOCATIONS Model Numbering System for TecumsehPower’s Full Engine Line Prior to 2004 Production ENGINE … Aftermarket reproduction Tecumseh Connecting Rod in Standard Size for Tecumseh HH100, HH120, HH140, HH160 Cast Iron Engines. Most of the small engine guys in my area won't even touch a Tecumseh, of course, it's Tecumsay, when they pronounce it. Tecumseh 2-Cycle Horizontal Tecumseh 2-Cycle Short Blocks Tecumseh 2-Cycle Horizontal Tecumseh 2-Cycle Short Blocks Tecumseh 2-Cycle Vertical Tecumseh 4-Cycle Horizontal ECH90-H30 Tecumseh 2-Cycle Vertical Tecumseh … New Tecumseh engines should have a compression reading of at least 80 psi. starter removed). note above). this case, the crankshaft must be spun in the opposite from normal direction The bore by stroke measured 3.062 by 2.532 inches. It should bump up the compression on each compression stroke until it has achieved maximum compression. the crankshaft by the flywheel in the opposite from the normal direction with // Array list of months. Will also fit OH120, OH140, OH160, VH80, and VH100 Engines. number + 1900 : number; by the flywheel (counterclockwise when viewed from the flywheel end, with the It was mention a few posts up about the old cast iron horizontal Tecumsehs, like the HH100. Next Last. the normal spark plug installed. // Print out the data. 3: Parts. Page 15 Turn the engine over very slowly by hand to remove replacement. A. arch252 Well-Known Member. Tecumseh Power Company THIS ENGINE MEETS 1995-1998 CALIF/US EPA PH1 APPLICABLE EMISSION REGULA-TIONS FOR ULGE ENGINES FUEL REGULAR UNLEADED OIL SAE 30 THE FOLLOWING WILL BE NEEDED TO LOCATE PARTS FOR YOUR ENGINE. 1 & 2). 1). #221716D, D.O.M. A bit of occasional blue smoke isn't an issue. var date = ((now.getDate()<10) ? var months = new Array('January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'); 1 of 2 Go to page . // Calculate the number of the current day in the week. excess gasoline from the engine cylinder. If air is leaking somewhere in the engine, you will notice a drop in compression. indicates good compression. today = (fourdigits(now.getYear())) ; Source(s): find tecumseh engine specs: https://shortly.im/3Lrxy 0 0 Though technically they are identical (most of the time, some engines with compression release cams they are different).